Frequently Asked Questions

I will dress elegantly and appropriately to reflect the formality/informality of the Funeral –

It is my intention to respect your wishes and invariably, as Funerals become more about celebrating a life, I am asked to wear bright colours.

Yes and I encourage this, as it adds another dimension to your Ceremony ensuring that it is personalised and unique to you, your family and friends.

This is personal, 1- 2 is appropriate and ensures that the Ceremony is not too long.

The average time is 15 – 20 minutes but this may vary depending on how many readings/poems etc. that you include. Consider your guests, who may be elderly and become hot, tired and thirsty.

You must seek and receive approval from the relevant Council to hold the Ceremony. We can cover this in further detail at your second meeting.

No – I will leave soon after the ceremony is over, quietly and discreetly.

In the event that I am too ill, I know other celebrants who I can call on, to perform your Ceremony for me.

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