MC for hire in Christchurch

As well as being a wedding celebrant, I am a MC, and can host any event, big or small. From a casual family get together, to a large corporate event that must run on time, I’ll run the event exactly how you would like.

What is a MC?

The master of ceremonies acts as the host at an occasion. Their duties depend on the type of event they are hosting. Because the role is so visible, the MC’s demeanour directly affects the mood of the guests, their receptivity and their enjoyment. A skilled MC, sometimes known as “emcee,” monitors the agenda effectively so that an event goes smoothly.

Most large Corporate & Association conferences and conventions use an MC to keep the events running smoothly. This role is sometimes performed by someone inside the group but usually by an outside professional expert MC. Their role could include – introducing and thanking speakers, introducing the theme of the conference, facilitating a panel discussion & interviewing guests.

Important qualities for an MC include a friendly disposition, a sense of humour, ad-lib skills, the ability to put people at ease and the ability to improvise. Also, because anything can happen at an event, an MC should be able to react to emergencies quickly. If a dangerous situation arises, for instance, they should be prepared to instruct the guests on safety procedures and do so in a composed manner to keep them calm.

Primary Responsibilities

The MC’s main tasks are to introduce performers or speakers in a way that puts them at ease, announce items on the agenda, and recognize sponsors. They must also be able to perform each of these tasks in a timely fashion, ensure a seamless transition between sections of the program and keep the event moving at a steady pace within time constraints. Skilled emcees create an atmosphere of interest and expectation. Most do so by providing some humour during the transitions or giving a brief description of the next item on the list.

Typical Duties

MCs prepare for an event ahead of time. They meet with organizers to learn about the overall event, the agenda, the presenters and any special guests, and they may even contact the presenters to confirm their roles. Based on the information they gather, the MC prepares an introduction for each speaker and each part of the event. They can also prepare a formal agenda if the organizers haven’t created one. At the event, the MC checks that the presenters and special guests are present, follows the agenda and ensures that the various sections of the occasion start and end on time.

MCs work in various environments, depending on the event. A wedding reception could be in a garden setting while a business conference may be held in a hotel meeting room. The agenda at each type of event also varies, as well as the situations that the MC encounters.

At a wedding reception, for instance, the MC may have to tactfully interrupt a guest mid-speech in the interest of time or take the microphone away from an obviously inebriated guest.

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